Besides organic groceries, we also carry organic produce. By consuming organic produce, we support farmers who choose to farm in an old-fashion natural way, without using synthetic herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic farming is more environmentally sustainable than conventional farming. Below is a list of organic produce we carry at our store:

Alfalfa Sprouts Cauliflower Oranges
Apple – Ambrosia Celery Oyster Mushrooms
Apple – Braeburn Chard – Green, Red Pea Shoot
Apple – Fuji Earthbound Farm Salads Potatoes
Apple – Gala Garlic Raspberries (seasonal)
Apple – Granny Smith Grapefruit Romaine Lettuce
Apple – Macintosh Grapes (seasonal) Spinach
Apple – Spartan Kale Strawberries
Avocado Kiwi Fruits Sweet Potatoes
Banana Lemon Tomatoes
Blueberries (seasonal) Mandarin Oranges (seasonal) Yams
Broccoli Mixed Beans Zucchini
Carrot/Baby Carrot Onion