What is it?

Organic foods are grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Also, they are farmed in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, focusing on soil regeneration, water conservation and animal welfare.

There are three categories of organic product labeling set out by USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture):

  1. 100% ORGANIC: made with 100% organic ingredients
  2. ORGANIC: made with at least 95% organic ingredients
  3. MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients with strict restrictions on the remaining 30% including no GMOs (genetically modified organisms)


Products with less than 70% organic ingredients may list organically produced ingredients on the side panel of the package, but may not make any organic claims on the front of the package.

Look for the BC Certified Organic checkmark
Products with this checkmark have been grown and processed meeting strict BC government-approved standards for organic farm production and processing. These organic farms are inspected and certified by COABC (The Certified Organic Associations of BC).

We carry organic produce and many other organic products.